C8C #14 – 50th WSOP

Good afternoon. Welcome to the Cre8ive Coaching Newsletter. Here is your weekly serving of poker related knowledge regarding on or off the table topics.

This week, I talk about the 50th Anniversary of the World Series of Poker and what you should do to prepare if you plan on coming. Enjoy!

Tristan’s Topic Today:

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is around the corner, nearly two months away. It is the 50th anniversary of the skill-game extravaganza. This should make for an even more exciting atmosphere than usual. The series will last over forty-five days and include ninety events, which are held directly off of the Las Vegas strip (at the Rio hotel and casino) and also on the WSOP.com legalized and regulated online poker site. That means you have to physically be in Nevada to play. Poker enthusiasts from all over the planet will travel to Vegas to experience this special, long-lasting event. If you are planning to come check out the spectacle, and maybe play an event or two, I have some advice for you.

First things first, get comfortable! If you plan on staying a while, I recommend renting an apartment or house with a friend or few. This removes you from always being in the casino and hopefully creates a positive environment to come home to. Playing poker for 10-14 hours a day can be draining and having someone around to alleviate the pressure can be very helpful. Staying alone is fine, but it helps to have access to friends and company so you don’t get too lonely and get your mind off of the cards every once in a while. If you are visiting for less than a week, living on site or at a nearby hotel is a convenient option. Make sure you look into your rewards for discounts/comps on rooms.

This leads to my next piece of advice, balance. Since we spend so much time and energy battling with our thoughts and opponents at the tables, it is beneficial for us to get away from that atmosphere and do something different. Physical exertion is a great way to reset. That can include working out, playing a sport (UNLV has month memberships), hiking at Red Rock or Mount Charleston, or even doing meditation/stretching at your place. If you prefer a more relaxing detox, going to the movies, a nice dinner, reading a book, taking a yoga class, or just getting some extra rest, are all great ways to reboot and charge up for the next event. Don’t overexert yourself if you aren’t feeling up to it. Poker can burn us out and we must be aware of our body and minds’ needs. Balance is key.

The next, and most important aspect, is safety. Vegas isn’t any more dangerous than the next big city that is filtered with a ton of tourists, but if you aren’t aware and careful it could cause trouble. Keep your valuables and cash safe. Be aware of your surroundings when walking around or leaving the casino. If you are driving home after a session, notice if anyone is following you. The WSOP offers cash boxes on site to use, which is a very helpful thing. Unfortunately, the costs have risen and the availability has decreased, so try to get one early if you can afford it. Always know what is going on around you and who you are surrounded by, wherever you are. This helps recognize and possibly avoid a problem before it develops. Don’t have too much fun to the point where you aren’t capable of protecting yourself.

The last thing to think about is your poker game! Make sure you are sharp and ready to play big events or cash games. The days are very long and the competition is fierce. It will be helpful if you play a lot of hands, tournaments, watch videos, read books/articles, and submerge yourself in the game beforehand. [Or get some coaching from me! 😉 -shameless plug-] Thinking about poker is studying poker. Learn some of the latest strategies, see what the population is adapting to, and get excited to play poker! If you brush up on your game sooner, you will be more confident and happier with your play when that time comes.

Las Vegas embraces the poker community throughout the summer, with the WSOP and all the other poker events going on at the time. Make sure to enjoy yourself and have fun. Most of us will be losers by the end of the summer, few of us will be major winners. As long as we approach the experience with a positive mindset and try to do our best, we should be content with wherever the cards fall. Best of luck to all my fellow players coming to Nevada to try their hand at the biggest poker series in the world! I will see you there.

“We’re so busy watching out for what’s just ahead of us that we don’t take time to enjoy where we are.” ― Bill Watterson