C8C #5 – MTT Mindset

Thank you for participating in the newsletter. It is nice to connect with the masses and hopefully help you improve, somehow. Lately I have been playing cash games and some tournaments near my home in south Florida, at the Hard Rock in Hollywood. Last week, I cashed (about double my buy-in) 102nd place out of 1366 runners in the WPTDeepStacks $1100 Main Event. This weekend, I am playing the $3500 WPT main. We just finished Day 1B and I bagged 114k going to 600/1200/200a. It’s a great stack size now, but I need to remember this one thing…

Today’s Poker Advice:

I won’t always have this many chips, so don’t get attached! Who doesn’t hate being a short stack? It’s much more fun to have chips, play hands, and see flops… but this luxury carries a lot of responsibility. What if you stumble and step into it; play a huge pot you aren’t ready for. Or get unlucky, stop making hands and hitting cards? This happens to everyone. Even the chip leader needs to be prepared to embrace the short stack! Their luck could run out too.

Almost always, at some point in the tournament you will be short (20bbs or less), this changes how the game is played, but also makes it much more mathematical and solvable. If you study which hands you should play from which positions, along with different short stack strategies (such as: raising as a bluff, 3b as a bluff, shoving over a raise, open shoving, flat calling and when) then being a short stack becomes a breeze! Do not stress about it. Become knowledgable and study the topic. Start with M theory, then once you’ve used up the free resources (there’s a lot) you can venture into programs that cost money to use, like holdemresources.

Hard Rock Homecourt!

Today at noon we restart the WPT $3500 with 343 players remaining and 117 making the money. The eventually winner will receive over $500,000. My goal is to become the champion. I have to work towards this one step at a time. One day at a time. One hand at a time. First, I’ll make the money, then the final table, then grab ALL the cash!!!

Best of luck. Run good, play better.
-Tristan Wade