C8C #29 – Joined PokerCoaching.com

Exciting News!
Tristan Wade Joins PokerCoaching Platform

Tristan Wade will now be producing poker strategy videos, quizzes, and webinars on PokerCoaching.com! If you would like to signup for the site, use this code https://pokercoaching.com/?ref=tristan to receive a free 30 minute phone consultation from Tristan Wade upon purchasing a membership.

Tons of Poker Content on PokerCoaching.com
Tristan Wade is the newest addition to PC, but there are many other great poker players producing material for the site.

Jonathan Little
Matt Affleck
Alex Fitzgerald
Evan Jarvis
Jonathan Jaffe and more…
With over 200 videos and quizzes for premium members, there is plenty to study and absorb, with more content to come!

Sign up below using the code https://pokercoaching.com/?ref=tristan