C8C #1 – Inaugural Newsletter

Welcome to the first edition of the Cre8ive Coaching Weekly Newsletter. Thank you for being one of the first subscribers. It is truly appreciated.

The content contained in these e-mails will change from week to week. Anything from particular played hands, overall strategies, common mistakes, poker videos, or whatever else I learn that might interest you all! Your feedback and engagement is important to me.

Be on the lookout for more e-mails and stay tuned in the future for other contests and opportunities!

Cre8ive Coaching Tip of the Week:

The tip for this week relates to the psychology of poker. Whether you are a tournament or cash game player, how you enter the arena that day, in that moment, is very important. Your attitude and mindset determine the tone for the session. There will be hands that you misplay or get unlucky with. This happens to everyone. How we respond is what sets us apart.

The main focus should be on your decisions. Learning from your failures. Not making the same mistake twice. Poker can be a results oriented game, when it should be a decision oriented game. Never mull over your losses, past hands, or bad luck. Simply gain from them. Focus on the current moment, which is all that exists, and finding the best choice/play at that time.

Off to WPTDS Iowa!!

I’m headed to Riverside Casino near Iowa City to play the WPTDS $1100 Main Event $100k GTD this weekend. Follow along on my social media or the WPTDS site for live updates.