C8C #19 – Have Fun

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Tristan’s Topic Today:

Any fans who follow poker know what is currently happening in Las Vegas. The 50th Annual WORLD SERIES OF POKER! It is now underway, with multiple events running each day. Poker players from all around the globe will come try their luck at winning a bracelet, or any other big tournament at one of the different casinos in the city. It is an exciting time, coupled with a lot of pressure. This is poker at the biggest stage and everyone wants to perform. So… what is the best way to approach this opportunity?


It is that simple. Have fun! Yes, poker is all about analyzing the situation to make a correct decision, but sometimes that happens and we still lose. Especially when playing tournaments, we will lose more often than we win. For this reason we must remember why we are sitting down at the table in the first place. Obviously we want to win all of the money, but it is also because we enjoy the game of poker. We like playing. It is fun! If we are able to approach poker with this mindset, it should make the moment that much more enjoyable.

When you enjoy the process, the journey becomes more gratifying. Don’t apply a stress or burden with unrealistic expectations and being too tough on yourself. Show up, do your best, and have fun. Then learn from the experience, continue to get better, and acknowledge the self-awareness it takes to figure out what work is needed. After that, you get ready to play the next event and hopefully have an even better time. After all, poker is a lot more fun when you are winning!!!

This will be my fourteenth year at the WSOP… FOUR-TEENTH. It is almost unbelievable to me as I write this. In the past I have put a strain on myself to deliver. I wanted the results. Wanted to prove myself. Wanted to win. I would be hard on myself, question every move. It would affect me if I didn’t do as well as I wanted to. I now realize that as long as I shift my focus on the process, getting better, and enjoying the moment… I will eventually succeed. I will also be a whole lot happier doing so. It is important to appreciate the opportunity of being in Las Vegas for nearly two months playing poker, and having a great time doing so. I plan to savor the experience playing poker this summer and maybe that will include a few deep runs and another WSOP bracelet. Good luck to everyone! See you at the tables.

-Tristan Wade, Cre8ive Coaching

“Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing it.” ― Andy Rooney